Darrel Amen

Darrel Amen


Life Story

I grew up in a quaint East Texas town called Jacksonville. My parents divorced when I was only 7, and my household was in desperate need of a Christian influence. I started attending church in middle school after a friend invited me, and I continued to go throughout high school. I went to church because I was seeking, though I lacked a relationship with the Lord.

I was blessed to attend Southern Methodist University on a football scholarship. A teammate invited me to attend a Fellowship of Christian Athletes retreat during my freshman year, and it was there that the Lord saved me. My greatest spiritual growth in those early days happened through RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) and the trial of losing my father to cancer and losing my older brother in a motorcycle accident within a two-year span. These tragedies forced me to press into the Lord.

I met my beautiful wife, Taralyn, at SMU. We began dating our senior year and were married 18 months later. I struggled in leading my wife biblically, and I honestly wasn’t sure what that even looked like. She was on staff at Young Life, and I was intimidated by her being a “professional Christian.”

While attending a Father’s Day service at our former church, I was struck by the lack of men in the audience. The Lord used this experience to light a fire in me regarding how a man should lead his family in a biblical manner. I have experienced a tremendous amount of growth since that particular Sunday. The Lord continues to use me to grow His kingdom by faithfully taking very small steps. One of these small steps led to the adoption of our fourth child.

Taralyn and I have four wonderful children: Luke, Lawson, Lynlee and Lydi.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that the gospel will continue to be clearly presented, souls in great numbers will be saved, and discipleship and sanctification will be used to glorify God and further His kingdom.