Marriage is as the Bible says “a profound mystery” not only for its impact on human relationships, cultures, and families but for its emblematic purpose to reflect Christ and His Church.

Like baptism’s beautiful metaphor of the body moving from death to life, marriage is a picture of Christ laying His life down for His bride, the Church. In great response, the Church devotes her life to the glory of Christ.

But is marriage a human’s highest calling? Singleness, friendships, and brother/sister relationships have their high place in the Church as well and have been far too long overlooked.

How we live, love, fight, reconcile, and image Christ through our relationships impacts us today and the generations to come. Marriage is not for everyone, but for those who enter in, may it be to the glory of Christ. May it image His perfect love for us—this beautiful and profound mystery.

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Week 6


God is asking us to live faithfully with the life, time, money, and friend group or spouse He has given us for His glory all the days of our lives. By living for Him, we might leave a legacy for those behind us to reap the benefits of our covenantal faithfulness to King Jesus.

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