David Axelson

David Axelson

Rock Specialist

Life Story

I am so grateful to have been born into a family that loved me well and raised me in a small town near the beach in Florida. My sister and I grew up in the same church from the time I was 4 until I graduated from high school. There were a lot of people in that church that loved us well and pointed us to Jesus. I gave my life to Christ when I was 5 years old, and I can point to quite a few mentors over those years who challenged me and encouraged me to make my faith my own.

After attending Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, I moved to Dallas for grad school. While here, a friend who was a youth pastor dragged me along to help lead a high school Bible study. God used that opportunity to create in me a love for the local church and its role in caring for and equipping the people of God.

I met my wife in the church while she was working with elementary school kids, and we were married in October of 2016. At the time I’m writing this, we’re expecting our first child in the next few days, and we’re so grateful for our church family who’ve walked with us through every step of that journey.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would continue to be a community that builds our lives on the gospel and passionately pursues loving God and loving people. God has placed us in a divisive culture and given us the opportunity to bring light and life through a love that goes beyond political, racial, gender, and socioeconomic boundaries. My hope is that we can encourage and equip one another as we seek to live out this calling.