Lindsey Eenigenburg

Lindsey Eenigenburg

Executive Director, Engagement

Life Story

My parents loved the Lord and were faithful in pursuing Him. They intentionally positioned my older sister and me around a loving church body that allowed us to grow in understanding, love and trust in Christ. However, only a few weeks after giving birth to my younger sister, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which ultimately took her life in less than two years. I was in first grade, and life hasn’t been the same since.

We stayed connected to our church, and I grew up alongside kids and families I’d known my whole life. I was plugged into the youth ministry and learned about God’s goodness, strength and miracles each week. However, these teachings rarely showed lasting fruit upon my life. The hope and joy I was taught in church were often times met with anger and frustration. I couldn’t understand the reasoning behind my mother’s passing, and I was not patient with my father as he learned to function as a single parent. I stopped finding my value within my home and sought it out in the world. I went through the motions of a committed Christian, while truly devoting my heart to a different master. I continued this way through all of high school and into college.

After several years of running down the same path, I grew tired of having my feet in two places. When a friend invited me to attend The Village in 2007, I was ready for a change. There, I learned in whom my value is placed and where my identity and worth comes from. I began to see fruit spring forth from my transformed heart. I soon cast aside the dual life I was leading in favor of diving deeply within the church body. I joined a Home Group, surrounded myself with godly women, met my loving and handsome husband, Ben, and began serving the age group that marked my life so deeply—first grade. The Lord has been gracious with me. He has softened my angry heart and unraveled my frustrations. My confidence is now found in Him.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a church marked with servants’ hearts within our homes, ministries, communities and throughout the nations. I pray our children would know they’re loved and valued as important members of our church body. I pray that our youth and students develop a strong and unwavering understanding and trust in the gospel and that our families are so overflowing with love and worship for our Creator that it pours back into other ministries.