Steven Jones

Steven Jones

Human Resources Generalist

Life Story

I was born and raised in West Texas, where I spent most of my childhood between church pews and under the “Friday Night Lights.” There was not a whole lot to do in West Texas, so enjoying time with family and friends was our norm. My parents both came from large families, so when we would gather, most of our time was spent playing games, cooking out, and telling stories with each other.

From an early age, my parents let us know that attending church events was non-negotiable. That meant whenever there was a Sunday morning or Wednesday night service, a Bible drill competition, or a Disciple Now weekend, that is where we were. This was where I learned the importance of studying God’s Word and surrounding yourself with other believers. I professed Christ as Lord when I was 12 in the same room where I learned all about Bible drills.

I met my wife, Megan, in Midland, Texas, in 2009 through common friends. We found out pretty quickly how much we had in common. Although we didn’t know each other, we had attended the same high school at the same time. As we continued to build our friendship, I was drawn to her love for God and her passion for sharing Christ abroad. We started dating in 2010 and were married in 2011. In 2016, we relocated to DFW and The Village became our church home. We celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary in 2021 and have three children: Graham, Baker and Landry.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be people serious about God's Word, that we would be known for making disciples of Jesus Christ, and that this would continue with the next generation.