Maury Hundley

Maury Jo Hundley

Care Minister

Life Story

For as long as I can remember I longed for depth, connection and safety sprinkled with adventure! As a little one I would blow kisses to God and my two grandpas before falling asleep. The longing for depth in real relationships was fostered partly by my family, and also by the simplicity of how He designed me. Looking back to that time as a young one there is a vague sense of "uh - oh" which birthed many lies in my heart and mind. My past involved abuse which manifested outwardly in striving for perfection and having it together resulting in an eating disorder.

My journey through that time in my life was not pretty, especially on the inside. Deception has a way of depleting truth with devastating consequences. My safety net was self, even though I came to love and trust Jesus at Kanakuk/Kanakomo Kamps in 1983. The various stepping stones placed on the path involved becoming a teacher, going into treatment, walking through the abuse so as to expose the lies, working at an incredible residential facility for struggling teens for close to 13 years, getting married, and having two amazing little girls. At each of these junctions God has continued to expose lies, give me sweet, heart to heart friendships and a deeper and deeper passion for freedom. Freedom for those held captive by lies and compensating for losses by self-made vices.

In July of 2005 we moved to the area prompted by a coaching change - my husband is a Texas high school football coach. Never in all of our wildest dreams would we have imagined landing in the Metroplex. We have simply fallen in love with all that surrounds us: friends, football players, neighbors...

The adventure seems to keep going: It is just recently, September of 2008, that I joined the staff at The Village. It was and still is with great humility that I get to serve in this fashion. Humbling because the very things I thought I would never let be exposed are the very things He has used.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village Church is that we would remain humble, not grow weary in meeting together, but instead encourage and spur one another on towards love and good deeds. I pray that He is ultimately glorified, that He would be our satisfaction. May we continue to be "user friendly" to all without ever watering down truth, but instead being mindful that the Truth sets us free. May we continue to long for depth at His speed and hold tight to Him for the daily adventure He has for us!