Angela Northcutt

Angela Northcutt

Childcare Coordinator

Life Story

I grew up in a family that loved God and was active in church. My grandparents are pillars of faith in my life and continue to give me beautiful examples of what it means to follow Christ. At age 10, we moved to Highland Village and started attending Highland Village First Baptist Church, now The Village Church. 

God saved me that year, and I was baptized. At a young age, I found myself wanting to read, study, and soak up all I could about God. I was involved in youth group and enjoyed serving at church. As I entered high school, my identity started to become wrapped up in the things I did versus who I was in Christ. I worked to portray the image of a “good Christian girl” and to look like I didn’t have any struggles. Inside, I was a mess. I had doubts about what I believed, and instead of turning to God and my community, I turned to school and worked to get into a good college. Both were good things, but they were not God. I thought I would figure out life for myself once I got on my own. 

God was so gracious not to keep me in that place. During my first year of college, I had a friend who invited me to Bible study, and after months of declining her invitations, I decided to attend. That night, God brought me to my knees. He reminded me of all the truths I had learned as a kid—He loved me, died for me, was at work in my life, and wanted me close to Him. It was a humbling and life-changing moment.

Upon returning from college, I married my high school sweetheart. We continued to attend The Village Church and found community and belonging. We suffered through a long season of infertility, and once again, I felt the pull to look for identity and control outside of God. During those painful years, God ministered to me through Bible study, dear friendships, and the care of so many from our church. His steadfast love anchored us through so much. We are blessed to be parents to our two boys. God continues to show me that His plan and way are good and perfect.

Hope for The Village Church

I hope that we would be a welcoming place to people in all seasons of life, that we would be equipped with God’s Word, that we would exhort and use our unique gifts to serve others, and that we would link arms together to show God’s love. May the world be a brighter place because of how God uses us!