Jeremy Purvis

Jeremy Purvis


Life Story

I was fortunate to be raised in a home that loved the Lord and came to faith at a young age. Both of my parents served in ministry and they planted two churches in Texas together over the years.

Sadly, as I graduated from Texas A&M and married my wife, Jessica, I failed to lead our home in the same ways that had been modeled for me. I can look back now and see the Lord's grace and patience with us during these years. Jessica and I have been blessed with three sons: William, Grant, and Benjamin.

In 2008, Jessica and I moved to Highland Village to pursue a provisional opportunity. We were immediately drawn to The Village and moved by the uniqueness of the gospel-centered culture. We were invited into a Home Group and both began to experience the most profound spiritual growth that we had ever known. Within a few years we became leaders and formed a new Home Group. We’ve had the privilege of experiencing community with members of The Village that we consider our closest friends. Through that group, the Lord has shown us how we can draw closer to one another as we draw closer to Him.

Hope for The Village Church

It is my prayer that the Lord would continue to use our church to change hearts and households around us.