Becca Burt

Becca Burt

Senior Director, Communications

Life Story

I was born and raised in a church environment, coming to Christ and being baptized at an early age. It was not until post-college, however, that I truly understood what a relationship with Christ meant in my life. The majority of my life was marked by struggles with an eating disorder and issues with anxiety.

I experienced a massive shift in my relationship with the Lord—and with my family—when I finally exposed my struggles and accepted help to begin restoring my faith and my physical and mental health. I began attending The Village and experienced firsthand what it looked like to be okay with not being okay. I dove headfirst into rebuilding the definition of community in my life, joining a Home Group and serving in various capacities at the church.

I met my husband, Chris, at The Village, and we began serving together and surrounded ourselves with a community of believers who we cherish deeply. They are not only our friends but our family. We have been blessed with two boys who we hope to spread kindling around that the Holy Spirit might ignite into a passion and love for Jesus Christ.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be a people who seek to love others first, desiring a spirit of generosity in all facets of our lives. I pray we would be earnest seekers of God's wisdom, inviting others into our lives through God-centered community, delighting in the goodness and richness of His Word.