Samuel King

Mason King

Pastor/Executive Director, Discipleship

Life Story

During my freshman year at Texas A&M University, the Lord gave a sweet gift by His Spirit through the study of the Scriptures: the gift of gratitude. Raised in the church, baptized at a young age and the consummate youth group kid—the culture of summer camp, DNow weekends and recommitment cards left me with a faulty understanding of God's work in my life. It was through a study of Romans in college that the Lord grew my heart to understand the gift of grace—that He alone gave life to my dead heart and put breath into my lungs. The very act of coming to Him was the result of His working and calling me to Himself. My salvation was His work, and the gift to see this brought overwhelming gratitude to my heart.

While working with a discipleship group for a few years in college, the Lord continued to grow a heart within me for shepherding and taking care of His sheep. I would characterize it as the felt weight of responsibility to speak of and draw eyes to Christ—to help men know the goodness of Christ like they know the sweetness of honey. While serving in the local church, I pursued formal training through a master’s in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Philosophy at Southwestern Theological Baptist Seminary.

Attending The Village since 2007 and subsequently becoming a member, I have continually been encouraged by the proclamation of the gospel and the life of the body. I came on staff at the Dallas Northway campus in 2010, joined the Fort Worth team as the campus launched, and now lead the Institute team in Flower Mound.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for the body here is that the Holy Spirit would give a continually increasing affection for the person and work of Jesus Christ. I pray that we would know God is who He says He is and that we would trust what He says about us. As we live together and pursue the outworking of the gospel in our homes, communities and cities, I pray that we would speak of the One who has captured our heart's affection and pray for grace to remain faithful each day.