Marc Roberts

Marc Roberts

Video Producer

Life Story

I discovered the power of faith at an early age through the guidance of my mother. Her unwavering commitment to Christ became my source of inspiration, shaping the bedrock of my spiritual journey. However, my formative years were characterized by a nomadic existence, moving from state to state due to my father’s job. This constant change left me feeling adrift and directionless. Despite the uncertainties, my faith became a beacon, grounding me in a clarity and purpose for my life.

I met my wife in 2006 and we envisioned building a family together. Fueled by the desire to support our aspirations, I ventured into video production. This career path, marked by both highs and lows, became a vessel through which God’s plans for my life unfolded. Through the tapestry of storytelling, I found my calling and purpose—illuminating God’s love through the narratives of human connection.

In 2016, a mission trip marked a transformative chapter, sparking a profound desire to serve God more intimately. Faced with uncertainty about the specifics of this calling, I leaned on faith as my compass. This journey led me to The Village Church, where I discovered a community committed to nurturing spiritual growth. My wife and I have three beautiful children, and we are truly blessed to have found The Village Church. 

Hope for The Village Church

I hope we continue to be a beacon of love, faith, and community, inspiring hearts to embrace the life-changing power of God's grace.