Ellika Bolton

Ellika Bolton

Global Missions Mobilizer

Life Story

I grew up in an atheist/agnostic household in Morristown, New Jersey, where I never heard the gospel. When my family and I moved to Texas during my junior year of high school, I experienced a difficult season that the Holy Spirit met me in—slowly but surely removing the veil that blinded my mind from the truth of the gospel. I remember wrestling late into the night with many questions, the most prevalent being: Why do I have eternal longings that can’t be satisfied? Could it be that there’s a God who has wired my heart to only be satisfied in Him?

After months of wrestling with these questions, I felt compelled to ask my mom to take me to church. She said she was willing to drop me off but not sit with me—and I was unwilling to go alone. Two weeks later, a friend of mine invited me to a Bible study where, by God’s grace, I heard the gospel for the first time.

That night the Lord revealed Himself to me as a God who sees, draws us in, and restores us into relationship with Himself because of the finished work of Jesus. I could look back on my 17 years and see the Lord as the One who sought me out in the depths of my rejection of Him and rebellion toward Him, who had been preparing my heart all the years of my life to be ready to receive Him that night.

Having spent the first 17 years of my life never having heard the gospel, it has been the desire of my heart from my first days of walking with Jesus to share this treasure with friends, family, and whoever will listen. I’ve known no greater joy than that of sharing the gospel with those who’ve never heard. I am thrilled for the Church to continue to experience great depths of joy in our Lord as we co-labor with Him in this sweet adventure He’s invited us into.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be a church that deeply treasures, delights in, and savors our King—for the glory of God, for the flourishing of the body, and for the salvation of those who have never heard the gospel.