Hailey Dickens

Hailey Dickens

Preschool Ministry Assistant

Life Story

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and began going to church during my freshman year of high school. After stepping through the doors of an outreach event and being welcomed into the arms of believers, I knew there was something greater. There was a part of love I'd never experienced. I ventured through high school understanding who Jesus is, but only brushed the surface of a true relationship with Him. I attended Impact Retreat at Texas A&M University where the Lord graciously revealed Himself, and I was overjoyed to study His Word more and more. God helped me understand my heart, my sins, and the gravity of the cross. The sweetest gift from college was understanding that it wasn't me who chose Jesus, but He who had already chosen me. 

Though I was a Christian and longed for an intimate relationship with Him, I struggled to surrender my whole self. In a pursuit to do all the “right things,” I experienced a slow drift toward earthly treasures that seemed fulfilling in moments, but only left me broken. 

During a year spent in Alabama, God showed me what it means to be loved and cared for by a Father. His pursuit enabled a full surrender of everything I was holding onto, and I realized I have nothing to bring but myself. Now, I rest confident in who God is and the heart He has given me for ministry. Christ has redeemed all of my brokenness. Because of Him, I know my worth and identity. Christ has redeemed my stubbornness to meet the world’s bar of “success” and has reoriented my heart to understand and treasure my spiritual gifts that serve His kingdom.

In June of 2022, God called me back to Dallas, Texas, to step into ministry. My desire to gain wisdom spurred me to walk through The Village Church Institute and now pour into families at TVC. 

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a family that actively and confidently pursues Christ in all things—clinging to Scripture, leaning into community, joyfully glorifying Christ, and lovingly inviting others into the sweetest story.