Frank Colombo

Frankie Colombo


Life Story

I was born into a family very new to the faith. My parents got saved because of our faithful next-door neighbor's obedience to share the gospel with them. We attended a small church in the town I grew up in. I spent a lot of my time there. I did all the youth programs and groups, went on mission trips, played drums on the worship team, and I made some lifelong friends. My life didn't come without a list of trials. I lost friends and family to cancer and other illnesses, and eventually, my depression and anger sent me over the edge. 

I stopped going to church when I turned 18. I started college and got a job at a local grocery store. I spent a lot of time secluded because I felt that if I got too attached to anyone, I would just lose them. Two years later, I found myself back in a church and started my new journey of being made new. There, I met my wife, Cay, and we married in December 2012. We grew together in Jesus and went through many trials. We started attending a new church where we grew in discipleship, the word, faith, and community. During this time, we were blessed with our two children.

At the end of 2022, we felt the pull to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Lord had pressed it on our hearts to faithfully follow Him 1,600 miles to Texas. It was a hard change. We left many brothers and sisters we were blessed to call family, but they graciously understood that when God calls you to do something, you obey. We sold our house on Long Island, left our church, and left the place we called home for 30 years. The Lord has done incredible work here at TVC, and we are blessed to be here. Following the Lord’s plan was a little scary, but His plans are always for our joy and His glory. 

Hope for The Village Church

I hope that TVC continues to bring glory to King Jesus and raise new generations of disciples. I pray that TVC continues to impact the fractured world we live in and that we are a church that helps change lives for Christ and His kingdom.