Julia Wasson

Julia Wasson

Executive Assistant to Summer Vinson Berger

Life Story

I was raised in Corinth, Texas, by parents who both know and love Jesus. Church has been a part of my life from as early as I can remember, whether it was Sunday school, Awana, or youth group. Even as a young child I was keenly aware of who fit in and who stood out, and I desperately longed to be seen and known by my community. When I was 10, I realized that I was a sinner who needed a Savior. Because of the faithfulness of my community and the Holy Spirit, I knew that Savior was Jesus. That day, I surrendered my life to Christ and trusted in His death, burial, and resurrection to pay for my sin and bring me into a relationship with Him. 

Even though my relationship with the Lord began with so much grace, shame quickly came to define most of my early life, clouding my view of God and how He felt about me. I thought that to keep God’s love for me I had to earn my place through knowing all the right answers and being “good.” The Lord began to weave in the evidence of His grace through my youth leaders and how they loved me in my most awkward and messy moments. Being in community began to expose my sins in new and profound ways. 

One night in group we were studying Romans 8:1, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Those words changed the trajectory of my life. The radical acceptance of Jesus led me to confess my sin to my small group and leaders and receive grace. It sunk into my bones that Jesus loved me dearly and that He would not condemn me, because He died for my sin and shame. That freed me to cease comparison and striving and finally be fully known and fully loved. 

The love of Christ has carried me through the challenges of college and my early 20s, including moving to a new city and back home, being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and navigating my theology and beliefs. I desire to spend my life sharing the truth that sets us free and His kindness that leads us to repentance. 

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is, being empowered by the Holy Spirit, TVC would be marked by gratitude, exemplifying His Kingdom on earth, bravely extending the invitation of life and healing to the broken, wounded, and oppressed.