Wade Bryant

Wade Bryant

Minister, Connections Director

Life Story

By God's grace, my family took me to church on Easter Sunday when I was 8 years old. There I heard the gospel message of Jesus, who died on the cross for my sins, and I immediately responded to Him. I went to church more frequently and eventually joined the youth ministry. It was there that God called me into ministry, setting me on a life-long pursuit of loving His bride.

As a student in youth ministry, I saw five different youth pastors come and go in a six-year time frame and witnessed a lot of brokenness and betrayal within the local body. Through all of the grief and pain that I experienced, I was reminded that God too grieves for His Church. The way the bride of Christ was being treated and neglected caused me to consider what I could do to help make her beautiful in my lifetime. God clearly had marked me for this work and continued to clear paths for me to use my gifts to serve the Church.

I helped plant a church at 20 years old, and I eventually went to Dallas Theological Seminary to grow more in theological and biblical understanding. It was also at DTS that I met my wife, Brooke. Through meeting Brooke and hearing her heart for the Church, I knew God was writing a new story for both of us. We vowed that we would aim to raise up generations of righteousness through our children and whatever ministry God placed us in.

God has blessed us in so many ways. We have four kids: Zion, Oaklynn, Judah, and Hosanna. We pray God would allow us to adopt a child one day as well. Brooke and I have found such joy in pursuing Christ in our relationship, seeking to disciple and teach our own kids, and serving faithfully alongside one another in ministry for the past 11 years. God is continuing to write our story, and we are leaning in and trusting Him to continue to provide us with opportunities for kingdom work.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that there would be an impact for the gospel that is so expansive that it goes well beyond stories that can be captured or heard on this side of heaven. My hope is that Jesus would always get the glory as we seek to get out of the way and make Him famous.