Mark Gooby

Mark Gooby

Production Specialist

Life Story

I grew up as a church kid in the suburbs of Chicago. I knew all the right things and loved the community, but I didn't understand the gospel and wasn't in love with Jesus. The Lord used a long season of running from Him and chasing the darkness of the world to humble me and cause me to see and love Him for the first time. 

After college, the Lord opened my eyes to visual arts and production and stirred a passion and gifting for it. My wife and I, married in 2012, eventually traveled out to the West Coast, where we were in local church ministry for the past decade until joining The Village Church.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we never lose our first love that drew us to Jesus Christ. I pray that we recognize we can only do what truly matters when we are abiding in Christ. I want to see The Village Church be a community that looks radically different and more beautiful than anything someone has seen all because of what Christ is doing through us.