Tanner Britt

Tanner Britt

Content Manager

Life Story

Growing up, my family went to church occasionally, but I did not come to faith in Christ until I was 11. Even then, I did not truly understand what it meant to follow Jesus until my last years of high school when my pastor opened his home weekly to disciple a group of high school boys eager to learn more. During this time, I began to take my faith more seriously and grow closer to Christ by reading the Bible, praying, and serving at my church. Slowly but surely, God is sanctifying me by rooting out the pride, self-sufficiency, and anxiety in my life.

After graduating college, my wife and I moved from Oklahoma to Arizona in order to help that same pastor and his wife plant a church in Phoenix. Through the hard work of church planting, being away from family, and beginning to raise children of our own, God strengthened our faith in Him and our relationship with one another. At the end of 2020, after five years away, we decided to move closer to family and eventually landed in Texas.

Throughout my Christian walk, I have loved and been involved in ministry, and I am excited to be putting my gifts to work at The Village. My wife, Lauren, and I have two awesome kids, Lily and Owen.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a people who stay close to Jesus, love one another deeply, and stand out from the world around us. I pray that we will use our gifts in order to spread the gospel and make disciples, both here and around the world.