Madison Curry

Madi Curry

Project Coordinator, Communications

Life Story

I grew up in a Christian household and was told about God since the day I was born. For as long as I can remember, I knew God was there and He loved me. Some people come to Christ like a light being turned on; there was darkness and all of a sudden there was light. There was no God and then there was God. I, on the other hand, came to Christ more like the sunrise. At one point, there was no light, and slowly I came to see the light around me. I do not remember a specific time without Christ, no specific moment of no God and then God, but there has been gradual growth and understanding throughout my life.

In high school, I struggled with this a lot. I heard of these amazing stories where people came to Christ, and they could never forget the moment. Everyone seemed to have a vivid memory. I was afraid that I was not actually saved. This led to a time where I prayed the prayer of acceptance at every church service where they asked. I talked with family and mentors, trying to understand how I could be a Christian if I did not remember this huge moment in my life. I am thankful for those people who loved me through my anxieties and affirmed who they saw me to be in Christ. I came to a place where I finally, for the last time, prayed for Christ to come into my life. I did this mostly for the anxiety and fear, so that neither my thoughts or the Devil could cause me to question who I am in Christ. 

The main thing I learned is that it is not a one-time decision to follow Christ that makes a Christian. There is no magic word or special prayer that could or would ever save me. It is the fact that at the end of the day, when everything settles, Christ is the ruler of my life and heart. I am not always perfect at choosing Christ every day and my life definitely has not been seamless since. The loss of my father at 17 left me feeling hopeless. Instead of pushing God away, I pressed in. He has been my anchor through it all. He turned my hopelessness into hope and my sorrow into joy in Him. I would be hopeless and lost without Him. He is my hope and my peace.

Hope for The Village Church

I hope for The Village church to be a place where people feel loved and welcomed. A place where people who are hurting can find the peace and joy of God. A place where questions are answered and doubts are confronted. A place where people grow in their relationship with God and cannot help but encounter Him. Above all, I hope for this to be a place where Christ is magnified.