Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis

Global Missions Coordinator

Life Story

My spiritual journey started when I was a young child. Through exposure to church and religious activity, the foundation of my understanding of God was laid. Though I had a theoretical understanding of this Creator God, I had very little experiential knowledge of Him. In high school, in the midst of personal and family chaos, I experienced the kind presence of my King in an extraordinarily intimate and profound way. 

My fervor for the King and His Kingdom continued, and I eventually ended up in Southeast Asia for two months working in red light districts. My lack of equipping was made evident as I stumbled through outreach with no translator, no understanding of the language, no long-term commitment to the country or its people, very little experience in sharing the gospel, and no idea what it meant for a people to be unreached. Yet it was in those two months that God captured my heart and weaved into it His own compassion, vision, and joy to see the good news of Jesus brought to those who haven’t yet heard.

The hope and joy of my life is that one day I will be fully in the presence of my King, and my ambition is to see many different people groups worshiping alongside me.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would count it all joy to die to the things of the world that we might live to the things of Christ and His kingdom.