Clarke Northcutt

Clarke Northcutt

Facilities Associate

Life Story

Like many people implanted in the “Bible Belt” of Texas, I grew up in a church-going Christian home. However, to my recollection, the church I grew up in seemed to put more emphasis on “praying the prayer” and never seemed to pinpoint the true desire of God, which is to have a loving relationship with us. I was about 6 years old when I “prayed the prayer,” asking Jesus to come into my heart, and from that day forward, I considered myself a Christian. 

In my adolescent years, I began to question my faith in God and my Christianity, and I embarked on a long season of sinful living. I had a large void in my heart where Christ should have been, but instead of filling it relationally with God through Christ, I tried to fill it by partaking in every sinful desire I could think of. The longer I continued, the more the void grew, and the result was always the same: After the party was over, the people were gone, and the party favors wore off, I was left more empty inside than the previous day. 

I met my wife, Sarah, and immediately took notice of how strong her faith and relationship with God were. After we married, we began to attend The Village, where I encountered what a Christ-centered relationship with God looked like. The Lord continued to reveal more of Himself to me while simultaneously peeling away the hardened layers of my heart. I recommitted my life to Christ and started my daily walk with God. At first, it was difficult, uncomfortable and foreign to the way I had lived for so many years, but God’s love and patience was so overwhelming, there was no going back. 

Sarah and I have two sons, Elijah James and Daniel, who are such a blessing to us. Children truly are a good and perfect gift from the Lord. Even through parenthood, God has unveiled to us more of His deep loving nature and has continued to hold true to His promises. We as a family feel so blessed to be a part of The Village, where we can serve the congregation as we expand the gospel.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be a bright shining light that reflects the loving nature of God to the world and what He did for us through the work and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, even while we were at our worst.