Heather Berg

Heather Berg

Connections Ministry Assistant

Life Story

I was born in Wisconsin, the first daughter of a police officer and a special education teacher. I was blessed with parents who prioritized faith at a very early age, modeling their faith for me and sending me to a small Christian school. At a chapel service in second grade, the bountiful grace of God caught me, and I never looked back.

I spent my middle school years learning to evangelize and going on short-term mission trips, and by the time my dad planted a church in rural Wisconsin my freshman year of high school, God had prepared me well for my new mission field. I got to learn the inner machinations of a church from the front row!

My husband, Zach, and I met during our freshman year at Bethel University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and married December of our junior year. After graduation, I started my career teaching Language Arts at a middle school and coaching speech and debate at a nearby high school. Our first daughter, Aubrey, was born in 2010, and I stayed home with her. We later added to our family with Lily in 2013 and Wyatt in 2016.

In 2017, we followed the prompting of the Lord and headed down to Texas where God had provided a job opportunity for Zach. He also provided a home very near The Village! We immediately searched for ways we could get plugged into the church body and found many. We have looked for ways to make this big church feel small, and God has graciously blessed us with a community of believers who daily encourage and edify one another.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be marked by our love for one another, that we would love each other and serve our community so well that even those who don’t know Jesus can’t help but notice His love reflected in us.