Brandon Briscoe

Brandon Briscoe

High School Minister

Life Story

The Lord has blessed me with an amazing family who shows me Christ in many ways. However, it was not until someone challenged me with a question regarding the value of Jesus Christ that my depravity was made clear before my eyes. I was broken, and I needed a Savior. Thanks be to God that the Holy Spirit opened the eyes of my heart and showed me the surpassing worth of the Son of God and the sweetness of His gospel!

Since then, the good news of Jesus Christ has been the most precious truth I know. I desire to inhale it more so that I am able to exhale well to others. I met my amazing wife, Karis, my freshman year at Ouachita Baptist University. She is my best friend and brings so much color into my life. The Lord has also blessed our family with two beautiful girls: Riley Joy and Gracie.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a place that is stirring people's affections for Jesus and drawing others to taste the sweetness of His grace.