Mark Apel

Mark Apel


Life Story

I am so grateful to have been raised by parents who not only loved Jesus but encouraged me to pursue the Lord and to be involved in the local church. At the age of 8, I began asking why I was different from my siblings, who had all become Christians. One day, after watching the movie Ghost, I was freaked out and wondered if ghosts were real. My dad explained to me the Trinity, the Holy Ghost, and what Christ had done for me. That afternoon, I went to my room and asked God to save me from my sins. This serves as proof to me that God can use anything to call His people into the light. Thank you, Patrick Swayze.

It was at a middle school summer camp that I felt God calling me to serve His Church. A few Christmases later, I got a guitar from my aunt, and the call felt louder. I began serving in the high school worship band and hoped to someday be a worship leader. In 2007, I moved to Denton, Texas, to attend The University of North Texas. I studied English Literature and fell in love with writing. I became a member at The Village Church in Denton and served on the worship team from 2008–2012. It was during these years that God matured my skills in worship leading and showed me what it meant to serve His people.

From 2012–2021, I had the privilege to serve at Lake Sharon Community Church as worship pastor. I am so grateful for the many opportunities God has provided to serve the church with both music and writing. I married my wife, Lauren, in 2012. We have one, beautiful child.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village Church is for us to continue proclaiming the gospel, holding fast to the heart of Christ, and serving our neighbors well as we eagerly await His return.