Marissa Castilleja

Marissa Castilleja

Ministry Relations Coordinator

Life Story

I was not raised in a home that believed or proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ. My limited exposure to Christianity was an occasional Sunday in church, but that was rooted in a desire to meet social expectations, not in a desire to know and love Christ. From my vantage point, Christianity was a set of rules that I had no interest in following. 

When I was 18, I moved to Denton with a chip on my shoulder and a desire for a fresh start after struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. I spent the next four years chasing goal after goal, trying to satiate a longing I could not name. I had everything a 22-year-old could ask for—a long-term relationship, a swelling social circle, and a promising future. It was all failing me. In God’s infinite grace, a friend reached out to me in the middle of my desperation about joining a ministry called YoungLife.

It was in my involvement with YoungLife that I first had ears to hear the gospel and eyes to see the goodness and beauty of God. I spent the next year trying to deny what the Lord had been preparing my heart for—the deepest longing of my soul was never going to be satisfied with created things. As I tried to live a double life, God patiently and gently called me to Himself, and on a December night in 2009, He saved me. I walked away from my relationship, my friends, and the life I had built for myself and put my trust and faith in Jesus Christ.

I started attending The Village Church Denton in 2010 and found the home and community that I desperately needed. I was mentored, discipled, and cared for significantly. The Lord faithfully used that church to grow, sanctify, and provide for me over the course of a decade. In 2020, I accepted a full-time position with The Village Church in Flower Mound, and I am looking forward to how the Lord uses this new chapter in my life to continue the work He started long ago.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be marked by our love for the triune God, His Word, and our neighbors. I pray that we would be a safe place where people can both mourn and rejoice, question and worship, and where the hope of the gospel of Christ is found.