What Does it Mean to be a Christian?

Jul 7, 2020

Leadership Roundtable: Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Jun 10, 2020

In this new (Virtual) Leadership Roundtable, Josh Patterson, Matt Chandler, and Summer Vinson Berger talk about how t...

Where Do Animals Fit Into the Biblical Story?

Karen Swallow Prior | Apr 16, 2020

God created animals and commanded Adam to name them, establishing a relationship between human beings and animals. We...

Roundtable: Spiritual Gifts in the Church

Matt Chandler | Nov 12, 2019

What are spiritual gifts? And what, exactly, is the debate surrounding this topic? Andrew Wilson joined Matt Chandler...

The Providence of God

The Village Church | Oct 31, 2019

The doctrine of providence often feels really complex, but when we develop a right understanding of how God cares for...

Work & the Bible

The Village Church | Jul 24, 2019

This video takes a deep look at God’s original intent for work, the ways the fall has muddied that vision and how a b...

In the Beginning: Creator and Creation

The Village Church | May 30, 2019

When we talk about the doctrine of creation, we’re quick to ask a lot of “how” questions. But when we begin to ...

How Can Authority Help Humanity Flourish?

Matt Chandler | May 22, 2019

We see all throughout Scripture that God is a God of structure and order. He has created various systems of authority...

Obedience Rooted in Relationship

May 8, 2019

Our obedience to God is not meant to be born from legalism, but rather out of our love for and relationship with Jesu...

Abortion & the Bible

The Village Church | May 1, 2019

We look at what the Bible says about the topic of abortion through the lens of God’s heart for the vulnerable, our ca...

Praise Him

The Village Church Worship | Apr 23, 2019

In every season of our lives, whatever may come, He is worthy of our praise and remains faithful through it all. This...

What Actually Happened at the Cross?

Matt Chandler | Apr 22, 2019

When He died on the cross, Jesus defeated sin and death, forgave our sins and changed our lives forever.