Our entire church body came together at Prestonwood Baptist Church to worship through song, celebrating how God is true, good and beautiful.

Jan 30, 2015   |  

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Each year in January, our entire church body comes together for a night to worship and praise the Lord. It’s one of the few times all the campuses come under one roof and has proved to be a huge encouragement and blessing for our people. These evenings are just one more way for us to live out gospel-centered worship and celebrate what the Lord has done and is doing in our lives and in our church.

For the second year in a row, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano graciously allowed us to come in and use their facilities for our annual Night of Worship. 

Katina Butler, Covenant Member of the Denton campus, led the choir in rehearsal practice. 

Made up of members from all our campuses, the choir rehearsed for several days leading up to the Night of Worship.    

Josh Patterson opened the night with prayer and a reminder of what a gift it is for our entire church body to gather together in worship.  

There were over 5,000 people in attendance, filling the building with songs of praise and worship to the Lord.


Before the music started, a video played where people declared how the Lord demonstrated His truth, goodness and beauty in their lives in 2014.

The theme of the evening celebrated how the Lord is True, Good and Beautiful. Fort Worth Campus Pastor Anthony Moore opened the first portion of music, recognizing that God is “True.” 

Moving into the second portion, “Good,” Denton Campus Pastor Beau Hughes examined the way the world uses the word but how God is the only One who is good. 

The crowd sang, “You give life / You are love / Your bring light to the darkness / You give hope / You restore / Every heart that is broken.

Around 200 members volunteered their time and talents to the night’s music, leading worship, playing instruments and singing in the choir.

Transitioning into how the Lord is “Beautiful,” Lead Teaching Pastor Matt Chandler said, “When you see God for who He is, sin loses its beauty.”

Isaac Wimberley, worship pastor at the Plano campus, became visibly moved as he shared his spoken word poetry on God’s beauty. 

Jonathan Flores, Covenant Member of the Dallas Northway campus, led the congregation in singing gospel music.

The night’s music closed with the song, “Hallelujah You’re Worthy,” with lyrics that praise our magnificent Father: “I lift my hands I praise You Lord / I bow my head I honor You Lord.”

After the music ended, many people stuck around to enjoy snacks and coffee in the foyer, visiting with friends, family and folks from the other campuses.