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Racial Reconciliation

Matt Chandler | Jan 19, 2014

God calls us to be a people of prayer, desperately depending on Him to move and transform hearts and lives. In this s...


The Danger and Glory of Diversity

Matt Chandler | Jan 8, 2012

God calls us to be a people of prayer, desperately depending on Him to move and transform hearts and lives. In this s...


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The Porters

Rejected by family, the Porters entered their marriage in a season of hurt, longing and praying for reconciliation. A...


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The Offending King

Timothy Thomas | Apr 2, 2018

Have we white-washed and sanitized the gospel of our King and the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. to fit our own Ame...


Celebrating Wakanda's Humanity

Timothy Thomas | Mar 2, 2018

When Christ returns, the globally marginalized and oppressed victims of injustice who call on the name of the Lord wi...


The Humility of Diversity

Beau Hughes | Feb 22, 2018

By cultivating a habit and lifestyle of considering one another more important than ourselves, our churches can becom...


A Colorblind Church in a Diverse Kingdom

Aurlyn Wygle | Nov 7, 2017

The colorblind mentality heard so often is hurtful to many of our brothers and sisters. We all bear the image of God,...


Admitting Is the First Step to Racial Harmony

David Roark | Sep 7, 2017

In the wake of Charlottesville and all the other hate crimes and racial injustices that continue to plague our nation...


Is Racism Really a Sin?

Timothy Thomas | Jul 5, 2017

We’re quick to call racism a sin, but we tend to treat it differently than other sin. Instead of dismissing, minimizi...


Forgotten Black History: What’s Buried in Dallas

Adam Griffin | Feb 9, 2017

As followers of Christ, we can advance toward reconciliation by recognizing the past, owning our mistakes and loving ...


Confronting My Privilege

Aurlyn Wygle | Jan 27, 2017

As we become more aware of the racial injustices embedded in our culture, we need to be brought back to the gospel. I...


Sundown Thinking in the Church

Kyle Worley | Mar 3, 2015

Posted at the edge of town, where all could see, the sign read, Whites only within city limits after dark. It designa...


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Why Christians Should Celebrate Black History Month

Matt Chandler | Feb 7, 2019

As believers, we engage in Black History Month as an opportunity to learn and celebrate the unique contributions of o...


How to Talk With Kids About Racism

Trillia Newbell | Sep 10, 2018

Racism can be a difficult topic to discuss with kids, but one way to approach it is to help them understand it throug...


Use Your Kitchen Table to Teach Your Kids About Diversity

Trillia Newbell | Aug 16, 2018

So often, we talk to kids about race in response to something negative that’s happened. Those conversations are absol...


Why Racism Is an Imago Dei Issue

Matt Chandler | Sep 27, 2017

By having a robust understanding and practice of the imago dei, the Church can become something the world looks to as...


How Do We Respond With Empathy to Racial Injustice?

Matt Chandler | May 9, 2017

Three important factors to developing empathy are humility, proximity and sacrifice. This is how we need to approach ...


How the Gospel is Our Only Hope for Racial Reconciliation

Bryan Loritts | Mar 23, 2017

The tie that binds us—Jesus Christ—is stronger than anything that divides us.


Practical Ways to Pursue Racial Reconciliation

Bryan Loritts | Mar 1, 2017

In order to build bridges, there must be a driving sense of sensitivity, awareness and compassion toward people who a...


How Should Christians View Black Lives Matter?

Matt Chandler | Jan 1, 2017

We should champion the aspects that promote an empathy for the black community, as well as justice, peace and change,...