We want to make you aware of a situation regarding criminal sexual misconduct by a Fort Worth campus volunteer.

Andy Landrum, a member of The Village Church Fort Worth and volunteer, has self-disclosed hidden sin that required his disqualification and removal from any volunteer ministry and involvement within The Village Church and any of its campuses.

The week of October 6, Andy had several meetings with elders and pastors of TVC Fort Worth. He revealed that he has attempted and acted on sexual sins and criminal acts of voyeurism at his former place of employment, as well as with one individual who attends The Village Church Fort Worth.

Upon Andy’s confession, The Village Church promptly contacted Child Protective Services and the Fort Worth Police Department. His current and former places of employment have been notified, along with the one victim within TVC, who is being ministered to by the staff and pastors from our Fort Worth campus. As a volunteer with the Fort Worth Student Ministry, Andy attended ministry events that involved some TVC campuses, including The Village Church Denton, and Northway Church.

From the beginning, we have been proactively cooperating with law enforcement officials. If anyone has information about specific criminal offenses perpetrated by Andy, we urge you to contact Detective Andrew Owen at 817-392-4361‬. We will make you aware if any new information comes to light, as it pertains to TVC, via an update on our website.

We desire to assist you as you process this information. We know this may be triggering or traumatizing for some individuals. If you need counseling resources, please reach out to our Director of Care, Summer Vinson Berger, who can refer you to specific places for care.