Stephanie Cox

Stephanie's Story

The deaf population is the fourth largest unreached people group in the world. Often that is because children with significant hearing loss lack the ability to communicate in any language. In 2009, Stephanie was in South Sudan on a mission trip, testing a child for hearing. It occurred to her that the child would likely never hear the gospel because he had no way to communicate.

For four years, Stephanie prayed that God would give her the opportunity to travel overseas for ministry purposes. When the opportunity arose, Stephanie moved to Kijabe, Kenya, to pursue that calling. She now works as an audiologist at AIC Kijabe Hospital, where she provides hearing, testing and rehabilitation to children and adults. Stephanie also works with local churches, discussing how the gospel should change our view and treatment of people with disabilities.

About Kenya

Kenya is slightly more than twice the size of Nevada. Of the population, 60% are under the age of 25. Unemployment is very high—around 40%. The country has experienced persistent budget deficits, inflationary pressures and currency depreciation because of high food and fuel import prices.