Joseph and Lindsey Courage

The Courages’ Story

From a young age, God placed a passion for cross-cultural missions on Joseph and Lindsey’s hearts. Through a short-term trip, God broke their hearts for the lack of access to His Word and a witness of Himself. They trained in Dallas for three years and are now serving in Tanzania with Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT).

They are focusing on language development and advocating for the treatment of medical needs for people in remote villages. In addition to starting Bible studies and churches through nationals to reach the unreached, Joseph is a family nurse practitioner, and Lindsey is a nurse. They are developing a spiritual counseling component at the clinic they serve at to share the biblical worldview with patients and God's plan for redemption of the world through Jesus Christ.

About Tanzania

Tanzanians are very welcoming and loving. Many of them work hard for meager wages to provide for their families through farming and factory work. There is a large gap between the rich and the poor. The people are very aware of the spiritual realm and will often consult witch doctors and believe in other curses and spirits. There is a lot of fear surrounding the dark spiritual world in the country.