Jennifer Barlow

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer has had a zeal for evangelism and love for France from a young age. After earning her master’s degree, she became a Licensed Professional Therapist. In 2015, God led Jennifer to combine her passions and skills and move to France.

Jennifer is serving in Lille, France, with Greater Europe Mission (GEM). Her ministry focuses primarily on providing care and counseling for GEM’s missionaries throughout Europe, either in person or online. Also a part of a church planting team, Jennifer plans outreach events and spends time connecting with others who desire to learn more about the Bible and God. They are currently starting their first house church.

About France

France considers itself a secular nation, and though many attended the Catholic church growing up, they have since left the church with a negative view. Less than two percent of France considers themselves evangelical Christians, and it is illegal to proselytize there. In Lille, the fourth largest city and poorest region of France, people are very welcoming and engaging, though it takes years to build deep trust and relationships.