Rex Cole

Rex Cole

Campus Pastor

Life Story

I grew up in a family that attended church, but we never heard the gospel. My mother and father loved me well, but they were very wounded people at that time, and I witnessed several things that left me feeling afraid. I yearned for security and felt very alone at times. 

Despite never hearing the gospel at church, I seemed to have an awareness of the Lord. When I was 12, I remember telling my mom I was afraid. She asked me if I wanted Jesus to save me and forgive me of my sins. That night, I prayed and asked God into my life. Of course, I didn’t fully understand all of the implications. I did my best to live for Christ with an up and down trajectory.

When I was 19, I heard a pastor teach on the Holy Spirit, explaining that He had been sent to help me live a life that honors God. I asked the Lord to make this real to me. A radical change occurred. I grew a deep love for the Lord and would spend hours each day memorizing and meditating on Scripture. This was a very formational time in my walk with Christ. However, I ended up shifting to a moralistic perspective on life. I became very focused on things I believed I must do for God's acceptance.

After years of this, I fell into a deep depression. During this time, God graciously revealed to me, again, the grace of the gospel. I was reminded that Jesus already performed perfectly in my place, and my acceptance was forever and complete. It could never be taken away. It turns out, He was the One to offer me the security I had always been looking for.

In knowing this, I am now able to devote my life to sharing this truth with others. I want to help people process the gospel and all of its implications in life. I want to make disciples.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we make disciples in all spheres of our lives.