Spencer Jacobson

Spencer Jacobson

Students & Connections Minister

Life Story

I was born near the St. Louis area to two loving, church-going parents, but spent much of my childhood moving around the Midwest because of my father’s work. After settling in Frisco, Texas, in 2003, my parents’ marriage began to fracture because of my father’s alcoholism. By the middle of my senior year of high school, my father left our family, eventually leading to my parents’ divorce.

Though my father was not fully absent from my life until I had nearly graduated high school, he did not play a significant role in my life throughout my adolescence. Because of this, I struggled with idols of approval and acceptance throughout high school. Though my family regularly attended church and though I knew about Jesus, I did not trust His sufficiency for my life.

Mercifully, God intervened when He led me to attend a campus ministry during my freshman year of community college. Through a one-on-one Bible study, I learned the terrible truth about the nature of my sin, but I also learned about the perfect grace of Jesus for my life. I no longer had to fight for approval from an earthly father, but knew that I was fully known and accepted by my heavenly Father. After receiving affirmation from several mentors, I decided to pursue ministry as my vocation. In 2013, I graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in Biblical Studies.

The experiences I had growing up gave me a passion to see lost high school students come to know Christ. After serving on Young Life staff for five years, the Lord called me to participate in the life of the local church as a student minister, leading my family and me to The Village Church’s Southlake campus. I am grateful to have the opportunity to impart gospel truths to high school and middle school students as they grow into mature disciples of Jesus.

My wife, Jamie, and I were married in 2012 and welcomed our first child, a sweet baby boy named Foster Reed, at the beginning of 2017.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village Church is that students who participate in the life of the church would grow into fully-formed disciples of Jesus. By His grace, it is my hope the that the truth of the gospel would take root in the lives of students and their families.