Order of Worship

May 31, 2020 – Pentecost


  • Song – “King of my Heart”
  • Reading – Psalm 25:1–5
  • Song – “Is He Worthy”
  • Song – “Doxology”

Sermon – "Rest Assured"
  • Romans 5:1–5

  • Song – “Behold”

  • If you plan to take communion as a household, please exercise caution and wisdom with regard to health safety. Check out this helpful guide.
  • Make sure you prepare the elements (wine or grape juice and bread or crackers) ahead of time and have them ready if you plan to partake.
  • If you have children but aren’t sure if they should participate, read our article, Should My Child Take Communion?

  • Do you find yourself resting assured in God's love for you through Christ? If not, what typically causes you to lose sight of this or to doubt it?
  • How does your standing in grace impact your need to perform or work to prove yourself?
  • How does the gospel impact your view of suffering? If God redeems it, then how does that change how we should look at it?