Schyler Shaffer

UNT Campus Staff

Life Story

I was born and grew up in Cleburne, Texas, and lived in a very godly household. Both my parents were faithful members and leaders within our local church. I had the opportunity to witness two individuals who loved the Lord with all their heart and desired to pursue Him and glorify Him in everything they did. Because of this I was immediately immersed in the church community as a young kid. Unfortunately, despite the numerous gospel presentations, I never genuinely recognized that I was a sinner who could only be saved by grace. My assurance of salvation based on my good works continued to grow throughout my youth. Rather than pursue a relationship with God, I simply rested in the fact that I was a “good church kid” who deserved salvation.

In the fall of 2011, I moved to Denton to begin attending the University of North Texas and met some guys on staff with Campus Outreach. I began living life with them and attending their Bible studies and events. As I began hearing the gospel from them and seeing them live it out in front of me, God started doing a work within in my heart. I faced the harsh reality that I could not rest in my works. God began revealing to me that I did not truly know Him and that, apart from His saving grace, I deserved eternal separation from Him. I saw the emptiness of pursuing a moral life and felt a genuine brokenness in my heart over the fact that I was a sinner. God did not allow me to see myself as a “good church kid” any longer.

In February of 2011, I remember confessing to God that I had nothing good to bring to Him and I needed Him to change me. By God’s grace that is when my eyes were opened to the life and grace found in God’s gospel, and I immediately surrendered my life to His will and plan for me.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be a church marked by the equipping of young Christians to labor where God has placed them in the world for the sake of gospel-centered multiplication.