Elizabeth Woodson

Associate Institute Minister

Life Story

I was born in Baltimore as the youngest of two children into a loving Christian home. My dad's job moved us all around the East Coast and Midwest, and more often than not, we were the only people of color in a predominantly Caucasian environment. Even from a young age, God was developing in me a love for cross-cultural relationships and a passion for racial reconciliation. I graduated from high school in Indianapolis and pursued a degree in accounting at Wheaton College.

My goal was to work as a CPA in corporate America, but God had different plans. As I did the back office work for mission agencies overseas, I realized I could do what I loved and advance God's kingdom-building purposes. After graduation, I worked as an accountant at Lawndale Christian Health Center on the west side of Chicago where I got my first taste of incarnational ministry and developed my passion for discipleship. I co-led a singles Sunday school class that set a fire in my heart for teaching, helping people learn how to unpack the truth of Scripture for themselves.

It wasn't long before this newly ignited fire led me to quit my job, sell my possessions and enroll at Dallas Theological Seminary. As I was taking classes, I worked full-time as an accountant until the Lord opened a door at my church for me to oversee and provide leadership for our ministry to single adults. He also allowed my passion for racial reconciliation to grow through a diversity of relationships and service opportunities.

Through the years, I've had the privilege to experience God in different cities and vocations. He has always proved Himself faithful, fully committed to His divine purpose for my life. Nothing He has allowed me to experience has been wasted, and I am eager to see how He gives space for my love for Him and His people to impact this world both now and for eternity!

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is for us to be a church known for reflecting the self-sacrificial love that Christ has bestowed upon us. I hope that we would be a voice for the voiceless, fighting for truth and justice, pushing back the darkness of this world as ambassadors of the light of Christ and 2 Corinthians 5 ministers of reconciliation. My prayer is that we would be a multi-ethnic community of Christ followers who are authentically making disciples for the glory of God!

Central Office

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