Bethany Fauss

Groups Coordinator

Life Story

I was born and raised under the piney woods of Tyler, Texas. I grew up with a younger brother in a loving, Christian home with parents who are vocational ministers. Because my household loved and served the Lord, I believed in Jesus Christ at a young age and was baptized by the age of 10. What a gracious gift from the Father I have been given by having a family that proclaims the gospel with their lives.

In the years after my public proclamation in God’s saving grace, I struggled with trying to find my identity in this world. I was labeled the “pastor’s kid” or “the good girl,” so I took on a burden because I immensely wanted to do and be everything for everyone at all times. This led me down a path lined with control and insecurity issues. When I was in high school, I cracked under the pressure that I had put on myself and did things that did not look like the life Christ lived. I continued to put on a facade at church twice a week.

In God’s mercy, I was confronted by those who loved me, and my sin was brought into the light. I then entered into a season of humbleness as I knew that I was not fully believing that Jesus Christ alone was where my identity was to be found. My family, friends and mentors were instrumental in my life during this time. After that, I believed that my faith and my love for Christ were the most important things in my life.

I am thankful that I have had pivotal moments in my walk with the Lord where I knew that He was chasing my heart. He has used others in my community, always coupled with the truth found in His Word, to bring me back to that pursuit time and time again. I graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler and then moved to DFW in 2015. And God, in His loving-kindness, brought me to The Village, where I am overjoyed to serve our staff and our body of believers.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that out of our overwhelming love for God, and in obedience to His will, we will always be a place and a people that boldly proclaims the gospel, and that we will love each other deeply.