Sydney Beasley

Resource Staff

Life Story

I grew up in a loving Christian home and was very involved in the local church. I knew who God was and that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, but though I would have said I believed it, it held no weight in my life. I went after other things I thought would bring me happiness and satisfaction, running hard after success in horseback riding, relationships and school. I found my identity in how good of a rider I was and how highly others thought of me, but this identity was always fleeting.

The spring of my freshman year at UT Dallas, I got plugged into Campus Outreach. There I met people who loved Jesus with everything they had, and it was evident that our lives were very different. I lacked the joy, love and fulfillment by which their lives were so clearly marked. As I continued to hear the gospel, God began to open my eyes to my sin and allow me to truly feel its weight, showing me that the emptiness I felt could not be filled by anything I did, but only by truly knowing Christ. God would give me the right to be His child if I only turned from my sin and believed in His Name (John 1:12)! By His grace He saved me that semester!

I spent the following three years learning and growing in my faith. God used faithful men and women to show me my new identity as a daughter of the King and as an ambassador for Christ. With this identity came fulfillment and purpose, and I developed vision and convictions for my life.

I am now convinced of the Great Commission, and I desire to give my life to making disciples. After graduating college in May 2017, I came on staff with Campus Outreach to live out my vision of glorifying God by making disciples for the lost world.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a people marked by a fierce love for Christ and the lost. I hope that we would be convinced of the cross of Christ, compelled by His love and committed to sending out equipped laborers into His harvest.