Coley Stephens

UNT Campus Staff

Life Story

I grew up in a home where we did not attend church regularly and had little exposure to the gospel. What little I knew about Jesus was told to me by my grandparents and my great-grandma. I would have claimed to be a Christian, despite the fact that nothing in my life indicated a relationship with Christ.

When I came to college at the University of North Texas, a couple of young men who worked on staff with Campus Outreach started sharing their faith with me. Through many discussions with them, I started to question my own salvation and began seeking answers. God graciously drew me to His Word and His people and revealed a couple of things to me.

The first thing I came to grips with was that I was a sinner, stuck in my sin, and I couldn’t escape it no matter how hard I tried. The second thing God revealed to me through His Word was that in spite of the fact that I kept sinning against Him, He still loved me ferociously. I had always heard that God loved me but I finally saw that love through the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus, on my behalf.

After understanding the gospel and being overwhelmed by the love of Christ, I finally heard the call to repent from my sin and trust in the righteousness of Christ for my salvation.

Since coming to Christ my freshman year of college, my aim has been to know Christ more and make Him known. The Lord has now called me to make Him known on the college campus and share that very great news that changed my life and saved my soul. It’s a joy to serve in this way and be part of the staff at the Fort Worth campus.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a local church marked by making disciples for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom and the glory of His Name.