David Hall


Life Story

I was born in Fort Worth and raised as a preacher's kid in a wonderful Christian home. At the age of 5, I became aware of my sinfulness and the fact that it would separate me from God forever. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and was baptized at age 8. During middle school, my faith really began to grow, and I experienced a great deal of spiritual sensitivity. Up through high school, my life existed almost entirely within the Christian world. When I graduated, I had only a handful of friends who were unbelievers.

I left for Texas A&M University and found more than a handful of unbelievers. Initially being homesick, I got involved with several Christian organizations because they felt familiar and like home. But then I began to venture out of the Christian bubble and found my faith challenged like never before. I began to question whether all I had learned growing up was really true. I fully embraced the college life of exploration and experimentation and dismissed my faith. But though I was unfaithful, God was not.

Not long after graduating, God brought me to the end of myself and revealed the emptiness of a life in which I defined meaning within myself and for my own pleasure. Through a discipleship school in the mountains of Montana, I experienced the goodness and greatness of God in a new and very real way, and He firmly captured my heart. A passion was awaked to pursue Him and know Him at all costs.

A few years later as I was trying to sort out career options, God made it clear to me that my calling was to work with people—learning, proclaiming the gospel and teaching others how to walk it out. I was able to study at Beeson Divinity School and have been working in ministry with Kerygma Ventures ever since.

My wonderful wife, Mary Claire, and I live in Fort Worth. We have two sons, Samuel and Benjamin. We’ve been Covenant Members of The Village since 2007 and were delighted to go to the Fort Worth campus when it opened. We have served as Home Group leaders and coaches.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we are captivated by the mysteries of the gospel and live out our mission statement of bringing glory to God by making disciples.

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