Teresa Berg


Life Story

I was born in Mexico and moved to the United States when I was 2. I was raised in Minnesota from then on. I knew God growing up but I was raised in a very abusive home so I was not very fond of God at that time. I was constantly asking why bad things kept happening to me, and it carried on until I was 17. I became homeless and felt lost, not knowing who loved me and not having anyone to protect me. But God had a plan for me.

I was attending a youth group at the time and through all my hardships and feeling lost I finally realized God had been with me the whole time. The youth group helped me with my walk with Jesus, and at a winter retreat I made my choice to finally walk with my Lord and Savior. After that, it was not easy as I was still living in a very abusive home, but again, God had my back and a plan.

A few months went by and I became homeless again. During this time, I met an amazing lady named Heather. She was a volunteer at the youth group I attended. She became a person I could share my struggles with, and she helped me by giving me love and a home! She took me in after she found out about my situation. Zach and Heather became my new parents shortly after that, and I gained three amazing siblings as well! They gave me something I never thought I would have: a family and a home. They helped me grow in my faith and have been so supportive in my journey through the ups and the downs. Three years later, my family and I moved down here to Texas.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would show compassion toward the most skeptical and reach out to people who we don’t think are likely to come to faith.