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Thanking God for Our Volunteers

Author: Isaac Wimberley Category: Worship & Music

Each Sunday I am reminded just how important our volunteers are at The Village Church. At 6 a.m. there are men and women getting the sound and video ready to go as well as setting up drums, guitars and pianos. As you walk around the campus around 8 a.m., you find our parking team prepping the lot and praying for the morning. In another area of our building you see a circle of our greeters and welcome team praying for every person who will walk through the doors that day. Behind the stage, the communion elements are being prepped and placed by volunteers. In each of our NextGen rooms, volunteers are praying for each of our kiddos and students. As people fill up the building, our parking team directs all the cars while keeping people safe, and the welcome team provides information and direction. Each of our NextGen rooms have volunteers who welcome kiddos and students and ensure that everyone is checked in properly. Greeters hand out bulletins and manage the Worship Center. Once the services start we are led in music by mostly volunteers; we hear sound that is being mixed usually by a volunteer, and we follow lyrics that are managed by a volunteer.

During our NextGen services, music is led and sound is engineered by volunteers. Each NextGen group discussion and teaching is prepped and led by volunteers; each of our classes in Little Village are taught and cared for by volunteers. There are also people who spend the entire duration of the service in a room adjacent to the Worship Center praying for the souls of people who fill the rooms of our building; they are all volunteers. I am overwhelmed by how much work has to be done for our Sunday gatherings to happen, and how much of that work is done by our volunteers.

This doesn’t even come close to covering all of the work that volunteers do here at our church. If you call to the office during work hours, a volunteer answers your call. If you attend an event and the worship center is set up differently, then that work was done by volunteers. I could go on and on.

This leaves me thankful. To see a body of believers who not only give their time and talents so that their friends, family, neighbors and strangers will have a place to park, place to sit, etc. but who also sincerely care for those people’s souls, it is incomprehensible outside of Christ. Thank God for our volunteers and may He be glorified.