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Culture Matters Roundup 10.14.16

Author: The Village Church Category: Culture

1. Hurricane Matthew

There are few countries that have suffered the kind of repeated natural catastrophes in recent years as Haiti, and this New York Times article reveals the heartbreaking devastation left behind last week by Hurricane Matthew.

2. Evangelical Response to Donald Trump

This past weekend, The Washington Post revealed a recording from 2005 of Donald Trump making lewd, demeaning comments about women, and the response has been explosive. The Post also published responses from Al Mohler and Russell Moore, and Bloomberg interviewed Moore on Sunday.

That political instinct is what leads to the current crisis. This year, the Republican nominee is, in terms of character, the personification of what evangelicals have preached (and voted) against. Married three times, flaunting Christian sexual mores, building his fortune and his persona on the Playboy lifestyle, under any normal circumstances Trump would be the realization of evangelical nightmares, not the carrier of evangelical hopes.

3. InterVarsity and the Revisionist Hope for a Place at the Table

InterVarsity made headlines last week for requiring their staff to affirm the historic Christian position that all sexual expression is reserved for male-female marriage. At The Gospel Coalition, Trevin Wax explains why this is so significant.

Revisionists like the fog of the future rather than the fire of the past, where the entire witness of the Christian Church stands in judgment over their innovative doctrine.

4. 13th

Netflix released a documentary entitled “13th” that is getting strong critical reviews, including this one by Alissa Wilkinson at Vox. The film is the product of Ava DuVernay, the director of Selma, and looks to draw a line between slavery and mass incarceration.

Watching, it’s hard to miss the point: If racism depends on skin color first and foremost, then images are the most powerful ways to shape public opinion both toward and away from prejudice. So the responsibility for confronting the biases and outright lies that images can powerfully perpetrate lies with the image makers, especially when the portrayals simply do not line up with actual facts.

5. Millions Sold, No Money Taken

In this short video, John Piper explains why he doesn’t take the royalties from his book sales and the foundation he created to handle them in a way that glorifies God.