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You’re Not That Busy

Author: Jenna LuskCategory: Culture, Worship

The conversation goes something like this: “How was your weekend?”“Oh, it was good! I had to work a couple of hours on Saturday, but it wasn’t that bad.”“Bummer! I took the kids to a birthday party, and then I had to run a lot of errands. But I also got to start this new book I’ve been wanting to for awhile.”“You’re so lucky. I wish I ...

Honor God With Your Body

Author: Erin BrindleyCategory: Culture, Worship

In a culture of comfort, entitlement and self-indulgence, the lives of believers in Jesus Christ should declare a very different message. I don't mean only what we say and sing on Sunday morning, but the very testimony of our living sacrifices, our whole bodies—flesh and spirit—presented to God as holy and acceptable (Rom. 12:1).

The Strength in Our Emotions

Author: Bailey PriceCategory: Culture, Worship

I was a tomboy until about the time I started middle school. My brother is two and half years older than me and, from an early age, I wanted to be exactly like him. We rode our bikes through the neighborhood and went exploring in the woods behind our house and built forts out of pillows where we would hide and plan the next day’s adventures.