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How to Care for Our Missionaries

Category: General, Missions

We tend to assign missionaries very extraordinary reputations—like “Varsity Christians” or “Gospel-centered Special Forces.” But, of course, they are just ordinary people. And while we may think of them solely as missionaries, they are not missionaries first. They are people first; ordinary believers who just happen to be missionaries.

The Mission of Multiplication

Author: Matt ChandlerCategory: General, Missions, Theology

Beginning this weekend, we will turn our attention as a church body to the book of Acts. As we enter into the series, I wanted to address our purpose in studying it, and to pass on to you some tools to help leverage the time we will give to learning and applying the story of the early Church.

Considering Adoption

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: General, Parenting, Missions

It’s not uncommon to hear a Christian couple say that they’ve “talked about adoption.” There’s a good chance that you, at some point or another, have considered what it might look like for you to adopt a child. There are many of us who “talk about it,” but we may not know how to take it beyond talk.

What is Mercy & Justice?

Author: Clint PatronellaCategory: Missions, Theology

Jesus in his life, death and resurrection has turned the world upside down, beginning the work of relieving the disastrous effects of depravity and righting the injustices caused by the fall. Jesus was clear with his disciples that the mission of the church was to make disciples (Matt. 28:19) and in doing so implement the gospel in all its glorious facets.

What is Cultural Renewal?

Author: Mason KingCategory: Culture, Missions, Theology

Gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication are two traits found in the life of a disciple, but how do we see them in the Christian’s daily experience? The action of cultural renewal is an expression of these two traits, but exactly what this means can be easily confused.

To the Nations From Your Neighborhood

Author: Matt YoungerCategory: Missions

It’s really easy to forget how big our world is. There are well over seven billion people across seven continents with an estimated 300,000 babies born daily. More than half the total number of people in human history are alive today. Because I’m prone to forget, God constantly reminds me of not only how big He is but also the grandness of His world. My most vivid memory occurred on ...