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Pastors Are People

Author: Kyle WorleyCategory: Ministry

I was drinking my coffee, walking toward the room I was about to teach in, when all of a sudden I tripped and spilled coffee down the front of my shirt. I thought, “Great. Now I’m going to look like a moron when I teach these people about union with Christ.” A couple of weeks later, I was teaching about the Abrahamic covenant and made a reference to Tindr that made it sound ...

Say the Right Thing

Author: Mason KingCategory: Ministry

Last month a couple sat in my office and said, “We’ve been debating about whether or not to come talk with you. This might seem random, but it’s something we’ve been praying about. We want to put it out there and see if there’s anything to it, or if we’re reading things wrongly.” The last few years have helped me curb my innate apprehension to ...

Old-School Discipleship

Author: Matt McCauleyCategory: Theology, Ministry

“I just accepted Jesus! Now what?” If you were given the charge of teaching a brand-new, baby Christian the elementary foundations of the faith, where would you start? What would you use to prepare them for right thinking and right living for their new life in Jesus Christ? Some would suggest reading through a book of the Bible, like the Gospel of John or Romans. Others would ...

What That Welcome Center Says

Author: Kyle WorleyCategory: Church Life, Ministry

Walking into The Village Church, you will see a welcome center, more commonly known as “Connection Central,” before you make your way to the worship center. The individuals who serve in this ministry are called “Connectors,” and their purpose is to serve you. They have been praying for you and expecting your arrival.

A Special Need

Author: Julie WildingCategory: Culture, Family , Ministry

Not long ago, I had the privilege of attending my grandmother’s 90th birthday party in Michigan. She’s a godly, humble woman who laughs often and prays more. Over the years, I have watched her work, serve and sacrifice for her family in remarkable ways.

The Church and the Working Woman

Author: Brady GoodwinCategory: Leadership , Ministry

One of my great joys is watching my wife, Aimee, care for our newborn son, Hans. She’s a natural fit for motherhood. That she would excel in this way should come as no surprise, as I’ve had the opportunity to see many of these gifts develop during her years as a nurse. She has flourished in the workplace, serving with skill and diligence. I believe these mutual callings have only served to ...