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Culture Matters 12.11.15

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. Star Wars Is Returning Soon This Rolling Stone article speaks to the movie’s stars, young and old, about the new Star Wars film, opening next weekend. The article doesn’t really reveal much about the film that isn’t evident from the trailers; indeed, there has been quite a bit of secrecy surrounding the latest installment of Star Wars. However, it is an interesting read for ...

Taking the Gospel to the Movies

Author: David RoarkCategory: Culture

Over the past few years, I’ve been in a number of conversations and seen many social media posts in which Christians—some of whom are my good friends—talk about how much they love a certain movie or adore a particular director. Many of these films and filmmakers, however, boast ideas and notions that run contrary to the Christian faith. They condone and glamorize sexual ...

Culture Matters 12.04.15

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. Shooting in San Bernardino America’s deadliest shooting in almost three years occurred Wednesday in San Bernardino, California, at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that aides people of the community with disabilities. 14 people were killed and 21 injured while the two suspects were pursued and eventually killed in a shootout with police. This article from The New York Times ...

Culture Matters 11.27.15

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. Refugee Resettlement In light of the Paris attacks, there have been countless articles published recently on the question of whether the U.S. should accept refugees. Christians need to be as innocent as doves and as shrewd as serpents when considering issues as complex as refugee resettlement. Russell Moore, Kevin DeYoung and Jonathan Merritt all wrote articles representing a range ...

Comparison and the Kind Word

Author: Julie WildingCategory: Culture

One perk of my job is getting to spend a lot of time around women. These women come in lots of different varieties, which has exposed me to a wide range of life stages, struggles, wins and losses. The same arms that have hugged new mommies, newlyweds and go-getters have also held the grieving, lonely and broken. I think all women would agree that being a woman can be hard. To varying degrees, ...

Culture Matters 11.20.15

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. Terrorist Attacks in Paris Last weekend we were greeted with heartbreaking news from France in the wake of what appear to be coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris. We plead with you to pray for the Church in Paris, pray for the families of those slain and pray that God would come with swift vengeance against the forces of evil at work in ISIS and other terrorist organizations. To get a ...

We're All Going to Die

Author: Erin BrindleyCategory: Culture

Death is the inevitable end for every one of us. We’re all going to die. We’re all going to reach a day when the life we know ceases—every organ is stopped, every hobby stilled, every relationship severed, every ambition subdued. There are no more second chances, no do-overs, no make-ups, no apologies. The casket might be open, but the door to our earthly existence will be ...

Culture Matters 11.13.15

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. Christmas Coffee Who knew that a red cup could stir up so much controversy? Some people are outraged by Starbucks’ decision to use a minimalist design on their holiday cups this season. Relevant Magazine explains why this is neither persecution nor erosion of religious liberties. Jesus didn’t try to organize a government revolt. He didn’t encourage followers to boycott ...

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