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Culture Matters 2.26.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

This article by James K.A. Smith explores the use of various technologies in the church. He provokes his audience into examining how they define “technology” and whether or not they are in control of it. Monty Williams, associate head coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, delivered a moving eulogy for his wife, who was the victim of a head-on collision. In the face of ...

What Makes a Movie Excellent?

Author: David RoarkCategory: Culture

Nearly 40 million people will tune in to the Oscars this weekend. Whether for the celebrity fashion or a genuine love of cinema, we find ourselves drawn to this event year after year. The funny part is that most people haven’t seen half the movies nominated, and the outcomes are widely dissatisfying. In spite of being entertained, many of us think, “Who says this movie is ...

Culture Matters 2.19.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. U.S. Supreme Court Loses a Respected Member Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died of what appears to be a heart attack last weekend; the known details are covered at The Washington Post. After the unexpected death of such an important political figure, several articles were published about Justice Scalia, including ones by Elliot Milco, who named Scalia “our mighty ...

Culture Matters 2.12.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. That Dragon, Cancer Radiolab produced a podcast entitled “The Cathedral” to tell the story of Ryan and Amy Green, a Christian couple who created the video game “That Dragon, Cancer.” The game explores their battle with cancer on behalf their son, Joel, who was just 1 year old when he was diagnosed. It is a beautiful and powerful tool to help people understand the ...

Culture Matters 2.5.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. Politics and The Chronicles of Narnia Gina Dalfonzo wrote an article on First Things arguing that Trump is “Nikabrik’s candidate.” Nikabrik is a character from The Chronicles of Narnia who desperately calls upon the power of the evil White Witch to help Narnia. Tired of waiting for Aslan—who may be nearer than we think—we turn elsewhere. It doesn’t matter ...

Engaging Muslims

Author: Sarah LongCategory: Culture

When I told my Jesus-following friends I would be speaking in a mosque, testifying to Jesus’ work in my life and how He motivates me to stand against discrimination, hate crimes and oppression, I was met with suspicion and confusion. With Islamophobia on the rise, countering the dehumanization of Muslims is an unpopular stance, but it is the right one. We should not be a people motivated ...

Lent: Into the Wilderness

Author: Geoff AshleyCategory: General, Culture

O Lord and Master of my life! Take from me the spirit of sloth, faint-heartedness, lust of power and idle talk. But give me rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love to my servant. Yea, O Lord and King! Grant me to see my own errors and not to judge my brother; for thou art blessed unto ages of ages. Amen. A common fourth-century prayer of Lent from St. Ephrem the Syrian

Culture Matters 1.29.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. Canon and Culture Bruce Ashford has a phenomenal series of posts over at the ERLC’s “Canon and Culture.” The series covers religious problems with every political ideology. If you find yourself frustrated with the lack of Christian nuance when discussing political ideologies, you will love these posts. Some of the topics covered include conservatism, progressivism, ...

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