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The Frustration of Slowing Down

Author: Mason KingCategory: Culture

Life is busy, and it’s easier to dream of escape than to face the reason we stay busy: We crave distraction to avoid feeling things at a heart level. Sitting in a room of pastors, talking about the need for becoming a more wholehearted and centered person, I couldn’t help but blurt out, “It will just require slowing down, and that’s frustrating.” The tension in my ...

The Price of Keeping the Peace

Author: Vince DangCategory: Culture

I spent a large portion of my 20s serving as a police officer. I began my career as a bright-eyed, enthusiastic rookie, ready to make my community a better place to live. But as the years rolled by and I did what was necessary to keep my fellow officers and myself alive, observing human depravity at unimaginable levels, I changed. Candidly, when I look at pictures of myself from those early ...

Culture Matters 5.6.16

Author: The Village ChurchCategory: Culture

1. The Gospel, Beyoncé and Lemonade Pop star Beyoncé has been all the chatter in light of dropping a new album, Lemonade, completely out of the blue. There have already been a number of articles written sharing various thoughts and opinions on the visual album, which functions as much like a movie as it does music. Alissa Wilkinson wrote a piece for Christianity Today shedding ...

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